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A typical day at Southover

Healthy Breakfast

The children are welcomed warmly and after registration they settle in to have breakfast. 

Morning Session

The morning session starts with ‘free play’ where children can choose what activities they would like to do based on the EYFS seven areas of learning. Children can also play outside once all the children have arrived. We have a separate area for our very young children which has been planned with
resources specifically for this age group. However, these children are also free to play elsewhere in the setting if they prefer to do so. The session finishes off with a ‘key group’ session where children sit with their key person in a small group and have a singing and story time session. These key group sessions are tailored to the children’s ages and stage of development. For example, our older children will have a daily phonics session as part of their group session

Outdoor play area

Southover Pre-school is fortunate to be situated on acres of beautiful landscaped fields where we are fortunate to enough to provide a secure and supervised free-flow play area. We provide state of the art outdoor play equipment for children to enjoy throughout the day.

Mid-morning healthy Snack

We have open access water stations for older children and younger children are offered water from individual water beakers throughout the day. Snack times are social times and opportunities for learning and the promotion of social skills. Therefore, snack times are held in a variety of ways
including self-serve and preparation snack times, rolling snack times and canteen style snack times. Babies under one years old are served organic snacks.


A hot two-course, home-made lunch, prepared by our qualified on-site chef. Lunch times are also social times, therefore children learn to lay the table, practice good table manners and handle their cutlery correctly.

Rest Time

Some children take a nap after lunch, while others choose to have quiet time or a rest.

Afternoon Session

The learning room is carefully planned and set up to provide a variety of possible learning experiences and to meet a number of learning objectives. Activities involve language groups, messy and malleable play, story times, role play, heuristic and sensory exploration, science experiments,
physical activities and extra-curricular sessions both indoors and out. A range of large group and small key person time takes place, both adult led and child-initiated. The children are planned for individually and as groups to ensure their personal development and social needs are met.
Babies have the opportunity to sleep within a designated sleep area according to their individual routines.

Afternoon milk time

Home Time

We love to share your child’s achievements and daily activities with you, therefore feedback is given
to each parent/carer at collection time. You can also use this time to catch up with their Key Personel.



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