Southover Pre-School

  • 12 Southover, London N12 7JE
  • 020 8492 8408 (8.30am - 3pm)
  • 077 7336 09118 (All day)


8.30 a.m    –    11.30 a.m


‘The morning session starts with ‘free play’ where children can choose what activities they would like to do based on the EYFS seven areas of learning. Children can also play outside once all the children have arrived. We have a separate area for our very young children which has been planned with resources specifically for this age group. However, these children are also free to play elsewhere in the setting if they prefer to do so. Breakfast and snacks can be provided for a nominal charge. The session finishes off with a ‘key group’ session where children sit with their key person in a small group and have a singing and story time session. These key group sessions are tailored to the children’s ages and stage of development. For example, our older children will have a daily phonics session as part of their group session.’

11.30 a.m    –    2.30 p.m / 3.00 p.m



‘The afternoon session starts with a freshly prepared, hot lunch each day. Children then have a ‘free play’ session including outdoor play and, similarly to the morning session, finishes with a small group session or a whole group session. The afternoon activities vary to the morning activities but will still have a similar learning intention so that all of the children over the course of the day get to practice and hone the same key skills.’



8.30 a.m    –    2.30 p.m / 3.00 p.m


‘Children staying for a full day follow the programme for the morning and afternoon sessions. A hot lunch is provided as are snacks and breakfast, if required. Milk and water are provided at breakfast and snack times and water only is provided at lunch time. Water is freely available throughout the day. We can provide a quiet resting area if any child needs to have a sleep during the day. All our sessions follow the required guidelines on staff to child ratios.’




MORNING            8.30 a.m    –    11.30 a.m

AFTERNOON    11.30 a.m    –    2.30 a.m / 3.00 p.m

FULL DAY             8.30 a.m     –    2.30 a.m / 3.00 p.m



Southover Pre-School
12, Southover London 
N12 7JE United Kingdom


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