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Frledrich Frobel’s Vision

Friedrich Frobel’s Vision: “Play is a mirror of life”

‘Friedrich Frobel was an educationalist, born in 1782 in Thuringia, Germany. He laid the foundations for modern early years education through his ‘kindergarten’ idea. Frobel emphasised the importance of children being actively involved in their play. For Frobel, play featured play through games, songs and stories and through arts and crafts to stimulate children’s ideas and develop their physical and motor skills as they explored the environment around them and developed their understanding of the world. According to Frobel, a child’s play was of great importance as it provided for their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. These areas are a key part of learning at Southover Pre-school where we will continue to look to philosophers and educationalists from the past to help us achieve a common goal and that is to nurture each child towards their maximum potential for becoming successful, life-long learners.’



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