Southover Pre-School

  • 12 Southover, London N12 7JE
  • 020 8492 8408 (8.30am - 3pm)
  • 077 7336 09118 (All day)

Learning Programme

We follow a broad-based curriculum to ensure each individual child is supported and has a variety of
opportunities to learn and develop in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
Accordingly, the EYFS Statutory Framework sets the foundation of our curriculum and our unique
Southover Pre-School Learning Programme provides challenges for each child individually whilst
preparing them for school, it nurtures a love of learning with measured amounts of formal teaching –
the aim ‘to bring play and teaching together.’  This is achieved by incorporating:

 Prime Areas
 Phonics & Literacy
 Mathematics
 Science and Botany
 Culture and Geography
 Expressive Arts
 Home Learning
 Enhanced activities [insert hyperlink to point to the Enhanced Activity page] – this includes
French lessons, football, cooking, drama, dance & body movement.



Southover Pre-School
12, Southover London 
N12 7JE United Kingdom


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