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The language group helps to develop children’s speech and language skills. This group is of particular benefit to children who are learning English as an additional language. The group runs throughout the year and children’s progress is monitored via our online assessment system, Tapestry.
Cooking sessions provide children with opportunities to bake a range of healthy recipes. During these activities children have opportunities to socialise, communicate, learn about mathematics as they weigh and measure out ingredients and to discover where food comes from.


Run by a qualified French teacher who teaches them basic French words, phrases, songs, rhymes and counting. Our French teacher has a great deal of experience working with pre-school children and knows how to gain and hold their attention.



‘This session is run by a qualified sports coach who works with the children each week to develop their physical skills through fun, sport-based activities, such as football, hockey and golf.’


We offer a Movement and Drama session which has proved very popular with the children. This session combines music, story, dance and movement to provide children with a huge range of learning opportunities, particularly in ‘Communication, literacy and language’, ‘Creative development’ and ‘Physical Development’. The session uses repetition in the form of rhymes and songs to familiarise children with how the session runs and enables them to feel part of it. The key area is to encourage children in public speaking and helping them gain confidence. The session finishes with a ‘cool down’ where the children listen to soothing music as bubbles are blown over them.



These sessions focus on creative and expressive development as the children listen and respond to a wide range of different types of music. The children work in small groups giving them a more intimate experience and learn about rhythm (good for early reading skills), play a range of musical instruments, learn how to describe sound and tone (develops speech and language skills and early reading skills) and explore how to express themselves using their body when responding to a piece of music. These sessions help to develop children’s confidence and performance skills.’



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