Friedrich Frobel’s Vision

Friedrich Frobel’s Vision: “Play is a mirror of life”

Friedrich Frobel was an educationalist born in 1782 in Thuringia, Germany. He is best known for his founding of kindergarten. Frobel emphasised the importance on play featuring; games, songs and stories, arts and crafts to stimulate children’s imagination and develop their physical and motor skills, through exploring the environment and children’s understanding of the world. According to Frobel a child’s play was of great importance as it provided a child’s intellectual, social emotional and physical development. These areas are a key part of learning at Southover Pre-school. Where we will continue to look to philosophers of the past for assistance in striving to attain the common goal of being jointly responsible for nurturing, educating, and cultivating each child toward his or her maximum potential through an educational process.